Wujal Wujal camp story

“I just wanted to thank you Tom & Uncle Ernie for agreeing to bring Camping on Country to Eastern Kuku Yalanji Bubu (Land) . I also wanted to extend my thanks to your hard working team led by brother Lomas Amini who worked very closely with Joh & justice group team to make the camp happen, all the positive feedback I received back was the men was really happy and most importantly it raised the awareness of culture, men’s health in general and how important it is to get regular health checks . On behalf of Eastern Kuku Yalanji , Wujal-Wujal Aboriginal shire Council and our community and our Bama thank you it’s much appreciated. Thank you All Justice group Team Joh & Cavo and guys, My Pathways & Team, Jabalbina Rangers.” – Desmond Tayley, Mayor and Traditional owner

28 men attended the Wujal over the five days and much time was spent making traditional boomerangs, woomera and Didge, having emotional wellbeing yarns, hunting and traditional earth cooking, fishing, dancing, singing and healthy eating and health checks under the shady trees. Cultural activities are at the centre of Camping on Country and the men are also offered counselling and health checks. The men feel culturally safe and are relaxed about getting their health checks. Social emotional well being yarning circles happen each day and are an important part of the camp with intentional conversation driving the connection and trust between the men.

Special thanks to brother Desmond Tayley. The camp at Wujal Wujal was special because the men deomonstrated desire to control ad make decisions about future camps on homelands. “Next time we we want to decide who comes and we want to do more work in the community so more men come.” Sterlin Bassini

One of the important outcomes from the camp was the identified need for more Camping on Country in Wujal, especially for the younger men. Senior men identified this as a priority. Social and emotional wellbeing yarns happen around the fire each morning and are facilitated by Camping on Country Ambassador Ernie Dingo and Lomas Amini.

“When we put the Lore bosses and senior men up the top and recognise them as the experts in their own community positive change happens. These men are the only ones who can close the gap on their own health. These elders here have the solutions and we are here to help give the men a voice so they can be heard. We are now looking at ways of putting a Camping on Country Hub in Cape York with local men managing the camps to service Kowanyama and other Cape communities. Congratulations to Desmond and Wujal family and the Apunipima Health team who helped us pull all this together.” – Ernie Dingo

We are now looking at ways of putting a Camping on Country Hub in Cape York with local men managing the camps to service Wujal and other Cape communities.

Thanks to our Wujal family family and the Apunipima Health team, Wujal Council, Justice Group, CDP group and rangers who helped us pull all this together.

Camping on Country is managed by BushTV Enterprises and is funded through the Commonwealth’s Department of Health.

We acknowledge the support of the Hon Ken Wyatt AM Minister for Indigenous Australians.

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