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Our Ambassador

Ernie Dingo is the Chairman of BushTV Enterprises and our national Ambassador for Camping on Country. Ernie’s passion for remote men’s health sees him on country each month facilitating the camps.

The popularity of our camps are no doubt related to the fact that Ernie is at every single one of them.

Ernie’s influence and success in the media industry is matched by his passion and knowledge for his own culture, language and lore.

He is a driving force behind the program and will no doubt leave a legacy that includes being directly and personally involved in Closing the Gap on remote men’s health.

I’d rather be out bush with my Countrymen than in the big smoke. Healing happens out on country. When you bring our men together like this something special happens. We yarn good ways. We heal. We practice our culture. We share our languages and lore and we make stories and sing and dance. These camps are the working just the way I imagined. Our men are showing up and taking centre stage in their own destiny and health journey. I’m proud to be the ambassador and think there’s great things ahead for our women too and young people with these camps.

Ernie Dingo

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