Borroloola Men’s Health and Culture Camp

Camping on Country hosted its second camp on Marra country outside of Borroloola in partnership with the Mabunji Aboriginal Corporation and the li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Ranger Unit. Senior traditional owners, Lawmen and Song men gathered to participate in health and cultural activities over the 5 days…(read more)

Marra is an Australian Aboriginal language, traditionally spoken on an area of the Gulf of Carpentaria coast in the Northern Territory around the Roper, Towns and Limmen Bight Rivers.

Senior traditional owners, Lawmen and Song men gathered to participate in cultural activities over the 5 days.

37 men and youth attended over the five days and the first few days were spent making traditional spears and clap sticks that were used in the singing and dancing activities. Culture is at the centre of Camping on Country and as part of the Program the men also received health checks and flu shots at the Borroloola Health Clinic.

Matthias Hammer a young traditional owner who participated in the camp said it was special to see his peers and elders so engaged and happy on country. “Coming out here on my Grandfather’s country and learning the songs and dancing and making spears is a dream for me.”

Social and emotional well-being yarns happen around the fire each morning and are facilitated by Camping on Country Coordinator Lomas Amini “Camping on Country creates a safe cultural space for the men. With these intentional yarns I’ve developed a way of us men talking about our feelings and our history so we we can trace any trauma that is travelling through our family.”

One of the important outcomes from the camp was the identified need for more camps on country. Senior men identified this as a priority. The proposed camps would be a special place for not just men but for community mob and family around Borroloola to reconnect with culture and country and receive the support they need to kick goals in life.

Congratulations to the Borroloola men’s group, the Marra cultural authority group and Mabunji for helping organise such a positive camp for the men.

Camping on Country is managed by BushTV Enterprises and is funded through the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Special thanks to Minister Ken Wyatt for believing in us men and our culture and Law to be the solution to our own health! We got this!

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