Our Impact

These camps are what we have been waiting for. We are the experts of our own country and community and health. When we practice our culture and talk about our health on country we feel safe and proud. All of us are getting our health checks and the younger ones are looking up to us elders.

Simpson Yam

As part of our program we collect data on the Program’s precribed activities and share these with our stakeholders and community.

When we track camp activities and record data we are able to provide specific health benefits to our stakeholders and camp participants. The provision of health checks on country, participation in smoking cessation workshops and cultural activities, commercial grade washing and hygiene services enables us to deliver safe healthy camps in remote locations.

One of our main aims with Camping on Country is to place local leaders and Law bosses as the experts in their own health journey.

We always centre Healing, Language, Law, Culture and Leadership in our program methodology.

We are the only ones who can Close the Gap. Solutions to our health problems must come from us.

We must design the solutions and work with Government to make our vision a reality. When our ideas and solutions are centred positive change happens.


members have joined our remote Australian Aboriginal men's health and culture movement


received health checks on  country


joined healthy eating and bush tucker workshops


received counselling on country


joined Tackling Indigenous Smoking sessions


experienced cultural activities on country


joined social and emotional wellbeing conversations

Mobile services offered in partnership with OrangeSky


wash cycles


dryer cycles


hot showers

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